Monday, December 17, 2007

Who the heck has the Corner on Every Church Doctrine?

Just a question!

I mean everyone seems to be bashing one another. Pro-emergent, anti-emergent. Against Univerisalism, pro-universalism. Hell -literal, not literal. End times views correct.

I'm wondering - because it scares the literal heck out of me that people here and elsewhere seem to have God all figured out. Put God in a box and know all the Christian answers and well spout them out like the good little Christians they are.

What ever happened to the fear, reverance, mystery to God?

To Faith being a journey?

Too often our "Christian" celebrities and online presence seems to have everything figured out.

Doesn't this scare anyone else?

Or am I just off my rocker because everyone else's egos is the size of Texas and no one wants to admit they might be WRONG!!!


Rhea said...

Great post! I've only been a Christian for 6 years, but over that short amount of time, my views on MANY "controversial theolgocial debates/topics" have changed, at times, DRASTICALLY. The thing is, it seems like 90%+ of these things ARE NOT salvation WHO CARES?!?! Why are we making mountains out of mole hills?

Anonymous said...

I agree. Now I have my set of beliefs but they are just that MY beliefs. I think the problem is we have people who hold certain doctrines as essential to salvation or to our faith.

Tia Lynn said...

I'm with you. The know-it-all attitude is a manifestation of fear and a control complex. We humans want to be in control, so we map out and define everything to make ourselves feel secure and to use our "knowledge" against anyone who does not concur. What happened to Paul's admission that "we see in part through a dim mirror," or Jesus' description of the SPIRIT moving to and fro among the earth like the wind, so who can say where it will or when it will blow, or upon WHOM the wind will blow. It is ALL out of our control, and that scares people. Hence the pat answers and theological wars that do nothing but divide us and isolate us from each other.

DaYouthGuy said...

Heck, I don't just THINK I'm wrong, I KNOW it! My frail, limited human understanding is not capable of understanding God in full. Which means that some part, maybe even a large part (maybe even all?) of what I think I understand is wrong.

But it's the best I can do at the moment. The rest is grace.

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