Friday, December 28, 2007

The 3D's of Blogging

Inspired by the The 4C's

So you want to blog?

Here is 3D's - that might help you in the blogging world.

1. Direction. Blog on what you know. Find your voice and who your audience is.

2. Determination. Blog with passion. communicate. Network. Read other blogs. See ways you can learn from others and update and improve your blogging skills.
Think outside the box. Sometimes having skills is more than knowing the lines from Napoleon Dynamite. It would be giving a different perspective - like what if Summer had won? Be determined to blog well.

3. Don't ramble. People want clear, concise, shared posts. Short posts with meaning are better than having your whole thesis and dissertation from college in one post.

Other thoughts? I would add a 4th as well ...that it is ok to Deviate from what your blog is about now and then. My blog is mostly on my views as a minister of the church and my life but than again I do cite some stuff on current culture and hockey.
Sometimes adding variety helps.

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