Monday, November 26, 2007

Somebody Call 9-1-1

Not too often you hear that during a service. Man, yesterday was like a whirl wind. Bible school alittle low. The song service went well. I was praying. Kind of nervous about preaching. Got up - preached and as concluding and doing the invitation and a elderly lady collapses. All I hear is someone call 911. Several people exit and take the woman out. (Fortunately we had both a doctor and a nurse sitting nearby).

So what to do? (I got thinking back when a church member had done this in my home church almost 17yrs old and had a heart attack and died) So I went on - and said let's pray ...offered the invitation, we had communion (and someone asked me about being baptized - where did that come from). And so several thought we were almost done the service - and mentioned about a baptism ... found out the older lady was ok. (They took her to the hospital as precaution and she was joking with the EMT people that no she wasn't pregnant).

All and all a good day. After the Baptism - we got to dismiss. So how did your Sunday go?

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