Thursday, October 11, 2007

Canadian Health Care and more

Here's the key you are comparing a country of 30 million to 300 million Apples and Oranges ... I, as a Canadian (Missionary to the Americans) dislike and hate several things. Let me list them:

1. Comparing Canada's health care to the US ... not realistic and not Fair. It is comparing a country of 30 million to that of over 300 million!
2. when so and so gets elected I'm moving to Canada ...Do us a favour ...Canada doesn't want you ...move to France.
3. Don't refer Canada as the 51st Anything ...If anything we're Friends.
4. Let's face it ... Hockey is Life here ...Buttman needs to know that and well the market is somewhat in the US but expansion and some teams struggling ...consider ... towns like Winnipeg and Hamilton before KC or Vegas.
5. Yes, we do say EH!
6. We do like Curling!!
7. We do celebrate Thanksgiving - only in October and we do have July 4th.
and boxing Day is good too. It isn't about the Sport Boxing nor when we get rid of our Christmas boxes ... do some research about the origins.
8. We do love our celebrities and there is more to Canada than just Anne Murray.
9. Names like Mario, Wayne, Fox, Sid, Trudeau, McDonald mean something. Learn who they are!
10. Complaining about 2 languages in the US to Canadians will get you no sympathy.

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