Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What makes a Good Communicator?

Occasionally youthworkers are looking for qualities for a good speaker for their event, convention, camp, retreat etc. Here are some I'd consider:

1. Love God
2. Love students.
3. Ability to speak. (sometimes there are youth ministers who think they are the BEST speakers in the world but ummm and ahhh and this and like ok ....comes every other minute from their mouths)
4. Authenticity.
5. Interaction - both before they speak and after. I like it when the speaker for an event interacts during the events and students find out he or she is the speaker are awed that this person cared to spend time with them.
6. Know the Word and what talking about.
7. Humility.
8. Cost. (Some of the best speakers we had come to speak - came only to have their expenses reimbursed and that was it)
9. Networking - sometimes a good speaker has connections or knows someone or someone knows them. Good speakers don't brag on their abilities but others will. The ones we had do our Teen convention were friends of the president or know someone on our committee.
10. Good speakers are life long learners. They know (See #6) what is happening and can easily relate to teens and youthworkers.

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