Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ever Get Ticked off @ Something?

I mean really?

I'm just so ticked off the way some churches and parachurch organizations treat their leaders. Umm ... you've been let go. We're firing you. And usually this isn't due to any wrong-doing but some differences in direction! One such case happened recently to some of my friends at the Camp they were Managers of. SAD really!

I mean REALLY! These are godly people, these are hurting people ... in fact in their address to family and friends - they literally stated "We're hurting".

I do have several questions for that camp board though. (Which I'd probably phone call the members soon and attend the next meeting)

Here is one:

What were you thinking?
What direction do you want to go?
Why did you let go of the best camp managers I've ever seen?
And what is it that you were thinking letting these people go only weeks before camp was to start - umm if there were problems - why not give a probation or help in the issue?

Of course I might not get the answers right now but thought to vent!

God's Church. The only army in the world that shoots its wounded!

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zee said...

I hope you aren't saying what I think you are saying.

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