Thursday, October 26, 2006

Relationships in YM or is it the Teaching?

Kind of like asking what came first the chicken or the egg?

Does one have a relationship with their students prior to teaching or teach and build that relationship?

I think it depends. You do have to earn the right to be heard, but a part of that comes from both sides of the idea of "RESPECT."

Would a relationship result from the Biblical teaching? or does a relationship help give audience and opportunities for teachable

We should be offering relationships in Ministry but as Group magazine Sept/ Oct 2006 but it in their Main article "Don't Buy the Lies"; Lie # 3 pg. 78 "Close relationships are the goal of youth ministry" Relationships are a means, not the end. We've tried to do different types of ministry methods including: Student-led, family-based,relational, postmodern, anti-games, pro-games, etc. But somehow we miss the point. That of it being about Jesus.

I think relationships are good, but recognize that some youth workers pride themselves on being a "Hero" of sorts of being all and cool and having a relationship with the kids (And sometimes acting like them and forgetting he or she is not one of the teens ....Teens don't need more buddies, they need more Jesus).

We have to get beyond this idea of this is the ONLY model of YM and how do we go about building that relationship with kids to pointing them to well ...what it is all about, Jesus.?

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