Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Crying Wolf

Seems there are alot of people bitter, cynical and well almost self-righteous in their evaluation of the Church. Phrases like "Oh, the church is in bad shape" "We need to remove these things" "We should do this"

The focus shifts from ranting to attacking to depending on themselves to fix the church. It is almost a "Bullhorn" scenario of sorts. Whatever happening to things like extending Grace, forgiveness, loving your enemies, mercy, being patient, truth in love.

I think we want to just rave and be bitter without being able to change a thing. Or the things we see to be removed in all reality cna't because we're working with broken people with a broken past who are in the process and are being healed.

I have Hope for the Church. I don't want Her to stay the same; but to be transformed. It all starts with me. For those people crying wolf (Reminds me much of some very "legalistic" people like Fred Phelps and some other organizations I've come across) STOP IT!!! It isn't your job to be the convictor but God's.

To those who need to be have a prophetic voice, USE WISDOM!! Prophets both foretold and forthtold. They told the truth and edified and encouraged. Let the Word speak for itself.

I much have the full story than this doom and gloom some wolf callers I've come across.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder to not get too cynical...

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