Friday, July 14, 2006

Top 10 Things to do when Starting a YG

Recently I got asked about starting a new youth group or student ministry from the ground up. Here is my response.

1. Some Resources:

2. Build Relationships - with teens, sponsors and parents.

3. Know what you want your ministry to look like and go from there.

4. Take your time. Rome wasn't built overnite - and neither were
these mega student ministries. Build the Kingdom - one kid at a time.

5. Pray. Depend on God. Reflect.

6. Make sure your soul is being feed.

7. Relationships with your staff and other pastors. Network. Goto
conventions, pick some youthworkers' brains who have been there, done

8. Be flexible. Be a lifetime learner.

9. Read things such as My First 2 yrs in YM by Doug Fields, Starting
from Scratch, How to Expand your YM,

10. Have fun.

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