Monday, June 05, 2006

McDonalds & Mormons

I almost thought I went to the Wrong McDonalds this afternoon. Nametags, white T-shirts, and ties.

Then I noticed how they looked like Mormons ... and as I looked closer I saw the McDonald's logo on the nametag.

So here are some similarities between the 2.

1. Both have a head leader. One is a clown.
2. Their "Missionaries" dress up and go for the Customer service.
3. They sell their product.
4. Both are growing fast.
5. They market what they know.
6. They are loving it.
7. They scare those that don't darken the door very much.
8. Their commercials tend to be "Cheesey"
9. I'm reminded why I try to avoid both.
10. They have really cool toys ... either flyers or plastic.


Len said...

nice comparison and funny. :-)

griffin klvends, the penguingoat said...

you've just offended over 12 million people. I hope you are happy.

Cosmo said...

As a former McDonald's missionary, I love the post. If I can't laugh at me, I've got no business laughing at the Lutheran potluck jokes.

Really good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever noticed that the letters "lds" is outside of the arch?

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