Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Worship Wars

So there was this debate on a forum about Comtemporary or Traditional Styles of Worship - and here is my Response.

Somehow I think we miss the point. Define Worship - Worship isn't a style - it is an expression.

If you worship something it is what you adore, admire, show your love for.

I think we get Worship and our "services" mixed up. The assembling of the church on Sunday comes together to show Worship and that expression may be done in many different musical and other expressions during the service. Whether this be traditional, blended, contemporary, or what have you - does it matter? In some ways it may but then it gets back into the McChurch theology rather than defining Worship as an Expression.

I almost laugh at the whole "Worship Style" "Worship Wars" Why?

Because if our people and leadership know and do what true Worship is - we wouldn't worry on musical tastes but what is showing Love to God and love for others.

You may not like a certain beat or style of music but hopefully you like that people are expressing their love for the Lord.

Sometimes I think we miss the point. What is contemporary Worship? Is there such a term? (I know what they mean by this but really shouldn't our worship always be relevant?)

Worship should be done in all we do? Thus our Worship Style be our lifestyle. People know who you love by whaT you do, own, and say. Our Worship of God is daily.

I think until we define worship and have people know that Worship isn't a Sunday AM thing but daily then we might be Restoring back to the NT church.

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Daron said...

Absolutely, G. We get caught up in trying to make worship one thing or another, when it needs to be an everyday thing.

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