Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Church Shopping


This quote stood out to me:

It takes character and selflessness for ministers and members to be kingdom oriented, not my-church oriented. God does want our churches to grow, but through the conversion of the lost, not by just doing church a little better than the church across town."

My prayer is I'm more Kingdom oriented than comparing myself to local or national churches. The Kingdom of God is bigger than the church I'm @ now.

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Brian said...

Good article, great comments Gman. I agree.

Our church is experiencing a lot of growth right now and as a result we are beginning a building expansion program. We know that building a new building will probably encourage some church transfer growth but that is the last thing we want. It is sad that that happens.

Like you said, may we be more Kingdom oriented. The kingdome is indeed bigger than our churches!

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