Thursday, January 26, 2006

Get Hope?

So Yesterday, a friend & I paid a visit to a church around the corner from me. A $40 Million Dollar Facility. Impressive. Or made me jealous in some ways.

Hope Community

There were some cool moments though. Meeting and hanging out with the staff. Hearing the stories of God's story.

The ones that really hit me was the ones about their receptionist.

She used to work for Thy Dollhouse, as a stripper. Came to the Lord. The finance committee helped her with her bills (Going from making loads of $$$ to hardly any was hard) and she on her own decided to not stay with her live in boyfriend and moved back home. (On a sidenote, my friend was taking pictures for his church because of their possibly using the same architect and recommendations and to get some ideas and the receptionist was Shy and didn't want her mug taken - we thought it odd, and still are like after hearing about her story ...makes some sense).

So the receptionist had friends come to the church as well. One used to work @ the Dollhouse - (was asked after winning Amateur nite via encouragement from her husband). After this women went to be stripper, her husband left her. She came to the Lord later, and now her and her husband are reconciled and there @ Hope each Sunday. It was good to hear the encouraging stories. I do wonder on the struggles the church has had to endure to get this far in 12 years.

Nice to have neighbours though that know the Kingdom of God is bigger than their own little community.

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PA said...

That is too cool. I think Jesus would be well pleased with a church that extended love to strippers.

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