Saturday, November 27, 2004

One of the greatest statements I think ever made is "Don't Willow Creek it" or rather I hate the "Church Inc."

We've made the church into a prostitute. Let's face it; the whole idea of individual expressionalism, as Tony Jones calls it; really is the Church Inc. or church consumerism mentality. Bigger and better is not always better. Mega this and that is doing injustice to the Church.

Creating an environment; having this principle of that for success is just wrong (Andy Stanley can you hear me? Next time you preach ...or talk please stick with the scripture or the journey and not some Corporate mumbo jargon ok?)

The whole idea is that we have sold the church out. Sold her to the highest bidder; and we look to the models of Mega Church and think that is the way to go. (BTW only less than 10% of the churches in America are mega - that being a 1000 or more)

So my question is when are we going to stop looking; acting; and being a part of the world. We need to emerge from it' not be seeker; friendly nor driven by numbers alone.

I'm in a medium to some would call on the verge of mega but that isn't what drives me to do ministry. I think the whole premise is wrong.

So often we say get out of the boat? whose boat; what boat; oh they didn't witness or confront people like I would. Not everyone is you; nor has the same spiritual gifts; talents; and evangelism style like you .... Too often I see people trying to be Minor Christian celebrities rather than being who Jesus called them to be.

SAD really.

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Anonymous said...

Do what a lot of other people are doing swim the Tiber and become a catholic.

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