Thursday, October 21, 2004

10 Commandments for a Minister's Wife Forum topic

Here is my response to it:

Actually I was thinking of this and you know what

Everyone is called to be a minister!

So Here are mine

1. The pastor's wife is not to be an example anymore than anyone else in the congregation.
2. She shall love her husband and family; but not be involved everywhere nor has to be.
3. The church needs to respect the pastor to take time for his family.
4. The pastor's wife can be involved where and when she chooses as if any other parishioner.
5. Thou shall treat the pastor's wife with respect - her ministry is with her family and husband - you are not getting a 2 for the price of one deal!
6. The church shall help send the pastor and his wife on a retreat (with Free child-care) at least once a year. (afterall the 2nd highest divorce rate is amongest pastors - According to the book Pastors At Risk)
7. She shall love God.
8. She shall love others.
9. She shall be herself!
10. She will be rewarded greatly in heaven for putting up with jerk husband such as myself!

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