Saturday, February 21, 2004

I'm a story teller by trade. One of the greatest things about stories, is that we each have our own to tell! I love telling mine; and telling stories that make one's faith journey come alive! For me the Bible is one True Story that we need to tell. Not that everything in that story is literal; but that with some great meaning impacts lives.

Parables are just that. Stories with earthly content, but with spiritual meaning. In the south here, one of the favourite phrases of some of the older at heart is the phrase "Bless your heart." I've been using this alot. Its basic meaning is interpreted as "You're such an Idiot." A good example if one senior saint discussing Jimmy breaking his leg; bless his heart. Or Sally getting into that car accident that was her fault; bless her heart!

For me, it is stories about times with my little brother, Dwayne - bless his heart! Times when we did the most amazing yet stupid things. Like the time I had him; well urinate on an electric fence; or the time we almost floated out on Lake Erie on a thing of ice; or the time we thought we were the 6 Million Dollar men. And the great invention of fruit of the loom underwear with Superheroes on them. One day we were Batman, Superman; and well nothing could stop us because we had our Super Hero Lucky Underwear on!

Maybe you too have a person in your life; that you can bless their hearts. Sometimes it is great telling stories; the funny thing is I have some how used mine to point to a God that points to me and says "Bless your heart" (Your an idiot) but loves me anyways!

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