Monday, May 26, 2003

> Something Dangerous
> By Gerrard R. Fess
> Something Dangerous .....Yup ...A dangerous wonder of sorts. A Messy
> spirituality. A brokeness. A time to be viewed as different; yet that of
> loving. Shall we continue to whine yet do nothing about it?
> Ah, the irony. The jealousy. Well, so and so didn't buy my book; or
> so and so didn't have me speak because I'm with this party or that or
> this doctrinal thinking or that. But wait. Here's the answer: GET OVER
> IT! Move on. Quit your complaining. Quit griping. When it seems you are
> doing nothing at all; you probably are.
> There is only one audience to please, only one person to be faithful
> to, Only One God to Serve. Sometimes we forget that. From where I stand
> ....Things are viewed differently. We are in a different world. Sour
> grapes? Nope. Tony get old? Nope. How about some cheese with that whine?
> I'll drink to that.
> On my desk there is a big old plaque of sorts that says "Don't
> Quit!" Maybe that's what we all need. Don't quit. The church isn't here
> to be conservative, liberal or otherwise. It is to be The Bride of
> Christ. We all got a wedding to attend why worry about the opinions of
> the guests when you can dance with the Groom?
> Hopefully there are more people drinking and dancing than there are
> sour grapes.
> Gerrard R. Fess has been in Youth Ministry for several years. He is
> currently serving at Liberty Christian Church in Mechanicsville,
> Virginia. He has a beautiful wife, Valerie and daughter Kendra Marie. He
> dreams of one day being a professional Zamboni Driver for the NHL. He has
> also authored many articles.

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