Monday, May 26, 2003

I hate Doug Fields. Okay, maybe hate is such a strong word, maybe it's
dislike. I have nothing against Doug Fields himself; just that so many in
youth ministry want to attempt to be well like Doug Fields or the next
Doug Fields of youth ministry. Don't be like Doug. (Or even like Mike for
that matter). What God has done at Saddleback is great. But be who you
are, and God created you to be.

Imitiate Jesus, not Doug. I think that's the way Doug would of liked it.
Pointing all things to God's Glory that we may Love God and love our
students. We don't need more Doug Fields in Youth Ministry. We need more
youth workers who have a passion and desire to be who God wants them to
be in youth ministry. I've stopped trying to be Like Doug, Mike
Yaconelli, Duffy Robbins (And whoever else is Big in your Denomination)
and let God work on me. God has blessed people like Doug, and He can me.

I wonder why we look to people like Doug Fields, instead of the Rulemaker
That Doug Loves. Maybe that's the point. Don't let your life be modeled
after Doug Fields, model your life after the God who Doug loves. I really
don't dislike Doug Fields; I've just fallen more in love with the God he

What about you? Caught in the game of trying to imitiate a mega church;
instead of just learning and applying some principles from them. How can
you fall back in love with God? Maybe it isn't looking at what others
have; but thanking God that their part in the Body is doing well ..and
God Can use you too.

What do you think? Hate Doug? or Love the God He Serves?

Gman :o)

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