Tuesday, February 11, 2003

And all who heard Him were amazed at His understanding and His answers."
>Luke 2:47.
> Today I went to the Golden Arches Restaurant. Now I like some rather
>fancy food. As I entered the elaborate setting, I observed several
>things. First I noticed the atmosphere. Lots of people. I even noticed
>two boys fighting. I wanted to tell them to take up hockey, but I
>remained silent. I also noticed the order of things. So I took my place
>in line.
> Soon it came to me, the question "May I take your order, Sir?" To
>which I responded: "I'll have a number one." What is that? Well,
>according to the menu, its the best. Soon I got my food and sat down. No
>interaction with any more servers, or other people around. In fact
>everyone was so intent on their orders they didn't seem to notice anyone
>else around.
> It wasn't until an employee showed interest in me, as a person, that
>I felt wanted in a rather strange atmosphere. That's because of the
>relationship we have.
> But isn't there time where we treat God as such? We say to God "Here's
>my order." My prayer requests, my number one needs, my own personal
>agenda. Thus is the only time when we interact with God or other
>Christians when it best suits our interests. But there is hope.
> Just as that employee showed interest in me, God does the same with
>us. We don't have to treat God as a Golden Arches Order, but as someone
>who seeks to know us, and that we need Him.
> So the next time you order a Big Mac or hear the phrase "May I take
>your order..." May we focus on God and know that He is in control inspite
>of what we think or do.

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