Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Join you at the throne. Kind of reminds me that we don't say good-bye. We
say until we meet again ..here there or in the air. For me "join you at
the throne," has some good memories as well as bad.

Good memories as to I'll be seeing my mentor, pastor as he passed from
this life into eternity..and I get to see him again. One of the best
things I remember was printed about him in the May 30, 1999 Christian
Standard Tom Tanner Spoke at his brother's funeral on Feb 20, 1999 at
Central Christian in Charlottesville, PEI(I stll have that issue). " 'A
light has gone out in Canada' That's what one of my colleagues and a
classmate of my brother Terry from Lincoln Christian College said when he
heard the news. My brother was an American by birth, but he was Canadian
by choice. He loved this country and her people. He loved the people of
Selkirk and the province of Ontario where he had ministered for thirteen
years. ..... He learned to love God's church from his roots. And it was
from his roots that he learned to give himself unselfishly for the cause
of Christ." I can't wait to go and see and join him at the throne and say
"Thank you." To embrace and tell him of How much God has brought me
through. There will be others That I will want to join. To see those that
have been faithful and have set the path before me. There will be the
Denominational Leaders, The Historians, the theologians, The Disciples,
the Martyrs, and of course there will be rejoicing because I will want to
see and join Jesus at His throne.

I know it says there will be no more tears, but as in a mere moment I
know I will shed mine only to be sorry for the things I left undone. To
be sad over my own family that chose to deny Christ, my own father who
chose his own path, rather than God's. My own friends, who I know I was
too cowardly to witness to. The ones maybe I passed by in a restaurant,
in a store, in the mall, and yet said or did nothing to point them or
tell them of the greatest love ever. That is why the "Join you or see you
at the throne" will be a heartache. I know it hurts God's heart as well.
For He doesn't want any to perish, but all to come to the knowledge of
So do I have any regrets - sure. But I'm working them out day by day
going the path God would have me. See you at the throne has a deeper
passionate mission for me to love people and to love God.

Now is it easy? Nope. So often I question myself, why am I doing this?
Then I remember why! Because God has done so much for me. That I am not
even worthy to be at the throne. Who is? For me no matter what. The issue
is not a matter of joining at the throne, but celebrating at the throne.
Who is going to be there? God. People just have to one this one thing.
They have an eternal home. Everyone does. Sinner or forgiven sinner. It
is just a matter of where your tent is going to be. For me I'd prefer a
small cot just catching a glimpse of the throne, and not a cot by some
lake of fire; that's for sure. How about you?

Gerrard R. Fess

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