Saturday, January 18, 2003

Well it snowed last nite. Usually we don't get a lot of snow in Central
Virginia. As I got up this morning I saw it. My daughter and I were
playing and excited about a morning of time together. So we both together
watched it snow. Not that I never seen snow before. I grew up with it.
Along the shores of the Great Lakes, I knew as a child that each winter
brought excitement of getting my little brother with a snowball or
pushing some girl head first in the snow.

But some how this was different. Special. Not the snow itslef, but the
moment. What was it? Ah, my daughter's first Big Snowfall. It was amazing
to see her glee and just at one year's of age seeing someone so pure and
innocent. Then I reflected more. The snow. White as snow. What was the
date? Ah, what was so important about Jan. 16-17? Think. Think - Gman.
Oh. Several decades ago I remember now. It's all coming back like it was
yesterday. I went to my pastor and told him, I had a problem. He said;
"Oh, What is it?" To which I replied: Sin..." It was then, he had
explained to me salvation and I had accepted Christ. Hmm, a birthday; how
could I have forgotten?

Sometimes we forget the special moments in our lives. A daughter's first
snow, a time when you accepted Christ. Cherish them I say. As for the
snow it was clean; but overtime I noticed the snow on the road had turned
more black than anything. That's when it came to me. Sometimes our lives,
our ministries, and even the listserv is like that snow. We have good
times, the first clean snow; but sometimes (For me in my life it seems a
lot lately) there is that blackness that keeps coming back. That sin. So
how does one deal with it?

I continued to watch the road. And noticed as the sun came out and the
cars ran over the snow it slowly turned from black to a pavement, only to
have freshly new snow appear again. So what does that say about us? That
we are to be refined, shaped; the blackness to fade away; and a clean
slate starts. Maybe that is where God is working on us. Molding, shaping
us. As a Father with his daughter lost in the moment; maybe too God is
lost in a moment with us as we are His children. We just need to be
delightful and be lost in the moment too.

When was the last time you got lost in a moment, or as one person has
said ...when was your last "Ah, moment ...." That is definitely God at
work. For me it was a little snow this morning and a delightful little

"One does not improve through argument but through examples ....
Be what you wish to make others become. Make yourself, not your words,
a sermon." - Henri Freferic Amiel


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