Saturday, January 18, 2003

Well it happened. It is known to happen in the years of being in Youth
Ministry. It happened. Now you are asking yourself? What happened? Who,
how? Well in the midst of boring budget meetings; a barely raise (Due to
rising Health Insurace costs), in the midst of wanting to say "I give up
..." It happened. The two powerful words that I don't hear that often,
yet it happens. The words "Thank You!" This time it was not only from
some parents, but also from a youthworker I know who just lost his mother
on Thursday. "Thank You" Such powerful words.

For some strange reason I heard it a lot this past weekend. From a
funeral, to people thanking us for our Daughter (She celebrated her 1st
Birthday Party) to parents saying thanks. Weird? I even had some parents
sit in on our Teen Church Sunday night. This doesn't happen. So I'm
thinking what is going on? No, its not October, Clergy Appreciation Month
is too far away. Maybe they can read my mind or something. Lately I've
been struggling ...ok Budget crunch time, my wife is going to stay home,
and be a stay at home mother eith our two kids. (Girls at that); and I
just being the typical Youthworker am wondering on my salary? But that's
Ok. God will provide, but there's always that little voice ....You could
make more; you could be a better provider. Doesn't God have you take care
of your relationship with Him, your family and then Ministry? Why bother?

That's when it hits me. The "It Happened." The thank yous. I'm not known
to be a bragger; and I know I won't win the best Youth Pastor of the Year
award? (IS there such a thing? There must be because my student @
Milligan College told me they gave away one; and he thought I deserved it
more then in his words "This jerk, that relates only to the guys, and
ministry especially youth ministry isn't just for guys.) So it happened
to me. I was told thank you. A rare thing in youth ministry something
I'll treasurer. So when was the last time you were told thank you? If it
hasn't been lately ..I say "Thank You." So that you may have it happen to

Gman :o)
"One does not improve through argument but through examples ....
Be what you wish to make others become. Make yourself, not your words,
a sermon." - Henri Freferic Amiel


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