Thursday, October 24, 2019

Becoming A Citizen Class

For the past 7-8 weeks I've been taking this class as preparation for the naturalization process. I have my residential card (Green Card) … This process is a long one. You have the Reading/ Writing portion, and the civics part of the test. You have to do a background check of sorts interviewed and wait for each stage to proceed and then the final is the Oath Ceremony. It starts with submitting the paperwork and the pay the fees $$$ N-400. The Civics, history part is what I've been studying thanks to the Virginia Historical Society and their museum. By the time I'm done ...I'll be considered a dual citizen. Why you ask? So at least I can vote, take part in the election process. I know ultimately my citizenship is in heaven, but also want to set the example of being a good steward and faithful follower of Christ by submitting to the local authority God set up.

Anyways, this has been a long process and a lot of people think they know immigration. It isn't a very easy thing. I came here legally and struggled for many years through this. Prayers appreciated as we move forward.

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