Friday, March 09, 2018

Sheep are Stupid

In Skye Jethan's book, Immeasurable, he tells the following "Sheep are stupid. Consider news that came from Turkey in 2005. People from the town of Gevas watched in horror as one sheep jumped to its death, and then 1500 more followed after. When the villagers, whose livelihoods depended on the flock, arrived at the bottom of the mountain, they found a billowy white pile of death. In all, 450 sheep were lost, but amazingly the rest survived. It seems that as the pile grew higher, the fall was more cushioned. Why did these sheep perish? It turns out the shepherds responsible for protecting the flock had left the sheep on the mountain and had gone to eat breakfast when the fleeces started to fly." Talk about your fur about to fly.

The lesson: We all need a shepherd in our lives ...Especially the Great Shepherd.

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