Thursday, February 08, 2018

Why I'm a UVA fan.

Being from Canada ...I'm a Hockey fan. Follow the Leafs, like the Jays. Went I went to college everyone had their teams ..... College basketball a lot like the ACC (UNC,Duke etc) So how did I end up being a UVA fan (Bandwagon jumper perhaps?) In the mid 90s I was in Bible College (Roanoke later Mid Atlantic Christian University ..Go Mustangs) we do Choir tours and we had visited the campus of UVA. (you'd think I'd be a UNC fan since my first preaching Gig was on the Campus of UNC at the CCF Campus House with 12 in attendance btw but still can say I preached at UNC) ...Actually I liked and started following UVA when UVA wasn't popular and basketball and football wasn't that great. In the late 90s I served at a church in Mechanicsville (Liberty Christian) where almost everyone was a Hokie fan. (Virginia Tech) Everyone except one. Gene Boyd.

You see Gene liked to talk. And talk and talk. He was one of those who you listened ...stepped away a few times and listened again to his stories. And boy did he have lots. He was a sweet man and his wife, Verne. Everyone picked on poor Gene. So I said, Gene, I'll support you and got myself a UVA hat and wore it until 2 years ago I lost it at Kings Dominion on a roller coaster ride. And then I got a sweat shirt and also started listening and being a more active fan of the college team. I never follow sports (Except hockey and the Winter Olympics) and with my son's interest in basketball and filling out the brackets every year this was good. So I became a UVA fan because of Gene.

I know Gene liked other teams but he sure was a character. He loved God, his family, and of course his teams. He was one of the good ones that you were glad to have as an elder, friend, and talked.

What teams do you like and why? (I remember in college my friend, Ben liked the New York Rangers ....but that's a tale for another time)

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