Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Security for Places of Worship

So a leader and I from Bonnie Brae went to this seminar on Church Security. The Speaker was very insightful.

He suggested a few things like:

1. Aid in identifying potential risks.
2. Having a guide to prevention.
3. Smart use of your resources - best prevention - the greeter.
4. Leadership develop plans to respond to.

Also suggested working with your local law enforcement to help with ant issues.

He used the 3Rs

1. Recognize potential problems. (You know your church culture - if something out of the ordinary - say something)

2. Report it immediately. Know who to report to ...and implement policy.

3. Respond appropriately. Call police etc.

Rick Arrington did a good job. He has a book out there that would be a good tool. He even left his email in case people wanted to contact or needed more information:

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