Two Kinds of Christians

There are two kinds of Christians.

A post and a tree. The post is placed in the ground and just sets and rots. A tree is planted, in the same ground, stretches its roots down deep for nourishment, and grows and produces fruit. Many Christians feel that they’re not going anywhere, their faith is not increasing, their attitudes are the same. They are not going anywhere. It is all how you look at life. Then there is those who are like trees:

Many Christians are discovering that the Bible is an open, exciting Book, whose truths, like valuable gems, enrich their lives. Solomon urged us to search the Word of God as hidden treasure, as we would seek for silver the treasures of wisdom, knowledge and understanding. (Proverbs 2:1-5). Be like a tree – grow in God’s Word don’t sit still like a post.
Why study the Word? 1. Know Him Better. 2. Wisdom 3. Shows how to live. 4. Love for God (Read Ps.119)


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