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William B. Gulick Dec 21, 2016

William B Gulick grew up in Covington, Kentucky. Baptized into Christ in July 1940. He graduated High School in 1947. He received his BA degree from Cincinnati Christian University in 1951 and graduate work in 1952.

He married Ethel E Walker in August 1949. During their student years they served Hamilton County Infirmary, Laurel Home Church of Christ, Kentontown Christian Church and Banklick Christian Church.

The Gulicks arrived in Tamilnadu, India in 1953. He taught at South India Christian College and then began and directed the Christ Nagar Institute in Ennore, Madras.

The Gulicks studied privately for 1st examiniation in Tamil before their first furlough, Bill attended the Missionary Language School of United Theological College in Bangealote. He passed 3 Tamil exams give by the South Indian Language Board.

During Furloughs, Bill took classes at the University of Cincinnati and mission seminar at Abilene Christian University in Texas. He was the first missionary in residence at Cincinnati Christian University (Then Cincinnati Bible Seminary) and again in that capacity in other furloughs.

Health required the Gulicks to leave India in 1973. While Assistant Professor in Cincinnati Bible Seminary, Bill taught Missions and Bible, and took further classes there and at University of Cincinnati. He preached at Taylor Mill, Price Ave, Williamston, and Mt. Olivet churches of Christ before moving to Virginia in 1982.

He retired in 1995 from thirteen years of ministry with the Tri-City Church of Christ, Hopewell, Virginia.

He attended several churches and supported the Kingdom - during his retirement ...through the India Fund and supporting the India work, working with Indian community and churches in the US, and several congregations in the Central VA area including Southwest, Chippenham, and lastly Bonnie Brae Church of Christ. He is preceded in death by his lovely wife, Ethel.

Bill Gulick the last couple years moved to the Christian Village in Mason, Ohio to be closer to some family and friends. There will be a Memorial service forthcoming.
Source of Bio Comes from Bill Gulick's book "What Christ Taught" 1955. First English Edition 1998.


Anonymous said...

Just received word late last night of Bill Gulick's death. What a lively and active legacy he (and his earlier departed wife Ethel)leave behind in the hearts and minds of all those of us the world over who respected him for his Christian ministry and witness; relied upon his authentic sermons imparting "What Christ Taught" in our broken world of false teachings and unworthy distractions; and who were lucky enough to share time and thoughts with him, and to call him friend. He will be truly missed here on earth but greeted with "well done" on the other side. In a world too short on worthy role models to encourage the rest of us to use our limited time on earth for Christ's Kingdom, Bill was certainly one such influence. Hopefully many of Bill's sermons, scholarly notes and materials from Ethel and Bill's missionary era in India will find their way to the archives of Cincinnati Christian University or other Christian education institution for access by future generations of ministers, Christian scholars and Christian seekers. Marjorie R., Greater Capital Area, 12/29/16.

Gerrard Fess said...

Currently there is a library at the Balmoral Hospitality House of Bonnie Brae Church of Christ in honor of the Gulicks.

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