Friday, May 01, 2015

Why Church Camp Matters!!

In a few weeks camp season will start. So why Church Camp? Why does it matter at all?

I. Camp can be and is an extension of the church and its ministry. It is a vital mission and equipping of the leaders today and the future.

II. It is life changing. It helps kids have that "Light bulb" turn on and the transforming power of Christ. (Romans 12:1-2)

III. It is equipping. Teaches people to be the hands and feet of Jesus to others daily.

IV. Exposes students to other cultures and ministries. Nothing like those mission moments and the Call to "Go."

V. Supports other ministries. The Funds raised for camp to support other missions are the starting point for many young people to giving and what really matters.

VI. Gives a chance to hear God's Word in a different way. The Chapel talks, Vespers, classes etc. A week of Camp is like a year of Bible School wrapped up nicely to point others to well ...Jesus.

VII. Worship. Teaches students to worship. From the AM to PM to around the campfire .....
VIII. Fun.Fellowship and Family. From the silly games to messy games, swimming, the times together in teams building community and just knowing that this is just a glimpse into what the Family of God is suppose to be like.

IX. Food. Camp is nothing without the great food and snacks and canteen. Contests like how fast can you drink that soda .... and great cooks because they know it isn't just about the physical food but the spiritual that the students are getting as well.

X. Memories that will last a life time. Knowing the times when you finally got this "Jesus" thing. Praying. Telling your friends that you decided to put God first .... and then there were all those "Boy-Girl" relationships at camp. Who knew you could have a girlfriend for one day or the ole phrase "let's just be friends" can be said at camp. Camp brings back so many memories for me it was camps like OCA, Camp Selkirk, Elkhorn, Mahoning, Oak Hill, Park Springs, Tri-state etc.

What memories do you have of camp? Any others to add to why church camp matters?!
This year will be the first time I have deaned a week in 12 years. Prayers appreciated for our camp, new manager, and the future. This month our mission emphasis is Oak Hill and a special love offering will be taken to offset the cost of sending church member children to camp this year. Please give what you can above and beyond. Thanks.

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