Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Why the Cross? Why the Resurrection?

This past Sunday I had shared on the 7 last sayings of Jesus from the Cross and why the Cross was important. The death of Jesus was our atonement in which Christ died and took our place and basically was our perfect Sacrificial Lamb.

But we can't leave Jesus on the Cross ...much less leave Jesus as the babe at Christmas. the Resurrection is important and fundamental to our faith.

There are several skeptic objections to the Resurrection including:

1. Jesus a mythological figure. There are 39 ancient sources outside the NT that refer to Jesus.

Source: Rose Publishing Evidence for the Resurrection pamphlet 2004

2. Jesus was just a man. If just a man either liar or lunatic and not Lord. Evidence supports Jesus was who claimed to be with the fulfillment of prophecy. The probability of just 8 prophecies overwhelming.
Source: Peter Stoner Science speaks, Moody Press, 1969.

3. Jesus' followers made it up and were unreliable. In 1 Cor. 15:6 with over 500 people having seen the risen Jesus. Thus no hallucination nor deception. They were willing to die for their faith.

4. The Resurrection isn't important to Christianity. far from true. In 1 Corinthians 15 the Apostle Paul talks about if Christ had not risen - we'd be still in our sins. Because He has risen ...we have hope, and are no longer in our sins.

So with all the evidence, apologetics ....still people like to deny.

With resources like Evidences that Demand a Verdict. The Case for Christ. Apologetics and archaeology tend to confirm what we believe that Christ did indeed rise from the dead.

Interesting to note that the skeptics still have theories that have been debunked:

1.. Witnesses hallucinated. 2. Jesus not die 3. Jesus body stolen. Each of which been refuted.

And now currently is the latest in which some "Claim" to have found the tomb of Jesus. Being married, and relatives etc. (The old box of brother of James which several scholars have denied but recently brought up in the media again)

Thus people wanting to disclaim Jesus was who he said he was.

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