Dealing with Loss.

How does one deal with loss?

Here are a few suggestions:

I. Look Back .... look back at the good times and bad. Cherish the memories. Scars may always be there but looking back sometimes helps with the healing and looking ahead.

II. Leave. Leave as in grief the loss and leave the past behind. It is ok to dwell on the loss but don't get so caught up that it makes you absorbed and not to move forward. It might be you have to leave certain areas, or items ...because the loss is too painful. It is ok to cry, give things away, to laugh. everyone deals with loss differently.

III. Learn from the loss. Sometimes the hardest question is Why? And not always we will have an answer but when we learn it helps us to think what can I do to help others.

IV. Love. love each other. So often I have heard people in dealing with loss "Oh, I can't go to church anymore because it is too painful" That's when you need the church the most. to encourage, lean on, love on you .... let you know God is there. The God of all comfort.

Others you would add? how do you deal with loss? Still have the scars?


Anonymous said…
for you

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