So yesterday I had the chance to talk to some future "JCs" or Junior Counselors. These young adults are in a week of camp with hands on experience - and different sessions teaching them what it means to be in camp. My topic: How to stay motivated even when you are tired.

So my text was from Jonah 4. Jonah whining ...... and yet God says aren't the people more important than that silly vine.

Here are several tidbits I shared:

Stay motivated:

I. Because camp is about the campers and not about you.

II. You might be the only Jesus these kids see.

III. It is about life change.

IV. It is about serving God - from toilets to kitchen duty to the fun.

V. It is about Fun, Fellowship and Friends .... pace yourself.

Shared my testimony of how God used me ..from broken home to a home church to college to being in ministry now.

In the session we did what I called the

All in all .... God can use these young adults to point young minds to well ..Jesus. some of my best staff have been the JCs.


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