Own IT: A Book Review

When my family saw the movie, Grace Unplugged, a book was mentioned called "Own It." So I picked up a copy. The whole premise of the book is to make your faith ...well, yours.

Faith is always pursuing, on the journey. You can't control, nor have others own it. You can't let it be someone else's nor borrow and fake it like some have. you have to own it on your own ...rather than blindly following others. Renting it, borrowing, and faking it is a waste of time. Real believers in Christ see past that. It's time to stop putting on a mask and put on Christ.

The book, Own it, helps point people to take hold of your faith, and have God's love take control. The authors talk about change. "Change being an essential part of life; if you aren't in the process of changing, then you are dying, not growing." pg. 46

This book is for those who are new to the faith, struggling with their faith, or just being faking it for far too long and need to change. It helps clarify who we are worshipping and not have idols in our lives. "An idol is something you devoted your life to." pg. 46 (It can be many types not just the statue but life goals, people, sports, things, money etc can all be idols)

this very simple reading, short book can help people grasp with the reailty that they have to make their faith - their's. Let it begin with you.


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