Wednesday, April 02, 2014

The Returned - A Review.

So what do you do when you see a now popular TV series is entitled "Resurrection" and there are questions about it and the book its based upon? well you read the book of course.

The Returned is based upon the premise of what would happen is those who were recently deceased would come back to life again? The book paints a picture of sacrifice, love, doubts, and questions in the mix. Never solving anything. (BTW the TV series is very much different than the book btw only some familiar characters)

The Returned almost goes back to the WW2 era of an US versus Them ... (Maybe even today if political) of those who are "Living" and those Returned and rounding them up in concentration camps of sorts. The book itself is a very easy read. Lots of dialogue and probably at best a Middle School reading level. If you were expecting this book to be anything like the TV series or answer some of your questions you'll be disappointed. There might be a sequel to help on "Why the Returned?" My thoughts is Mott's book will be much a conversation piece but really doesn't help.

right now it is interesting that people are asking questions about death (Think the show Walking Dead) interested in supernatural things (Think SuperHero Movies)and loosely based bible things (Noah, Son of Man etc movies) so let's take the time to point them to the True Resurrection, way and life. That of Jesus.

who is with me?

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