Improving My Preaching ....

I admit I'm not the best preacher in the world. It takes time and effort. I don't mind the administration and pastoral part but preaching is hard. I believe in preaching God's Word. I believe it changes lives. I believe it takes time and effort. Thus it is my struggle and I have to continually try to improve my preaching, style and present the Good news of Christ in the best possible way.

Here are some ways I am trying to improve my own preaching:

1. Listening to great preachers.

2. Practice my own preaching.

3. Listen to my own sermons and see what mannerisms I should avoid.

4. Pray ....pray .... pray .....

5. Use great communication resources. (I had recently a friend send me a good resource on improving communication - good stuff)

6. See what others are doing?

are there other tools, resources you have for improving your preaching? What are you doing?


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