After the Bill ....

In an idealistic world we can get our goods and services from those pro-life, pro-marriage, and most importantly pro-Jesus.

The fact is:

We don't live in the ideal. We live in a real, fallen, broken, sinful, sin filled, godless world that needs a Saviour. One in which, God sent His son. Our goods and services come from broken, sinful people that need Jesus.

Whether products, clothes, furniture, food, and any product can truly come from godly, holy "Christian" people is an ideal - the truth is far from it. We, that are Christians, need to be holy. Encourage one another; stand up for godliness. People cry foul ....religious persecution. (And this surprises you? try being part of the Underground Church or any one of the 52 countries and 14 regions where Christianity and the Bible is being persecuted Source: VOM)

Jesus tells us in this life there will be trouble. The bill that got all the attention in Arizona ...seems to be a starting place of bias on both sides. We need to love our enemies. One of the SAD facts out of this is the comparison citing as a Civil Rights Issue. (Whether for religious freedom or discrimination) (Thus almost insulting and demeaning the racial barrier and Civil rights movement of the 50s, 60s and today of the African American community)

since when is lifestyle choice a Civil rights issue? (Sure some will cite Matthew Shepherd and the unfortunate acts of EVIL men and tragedy of his death ..sad as it is but there is a difference between racial issues and sexual orientation)(Some debate this ethically, biologically and theologically but in reality right is right and sin is sin)

So where does this lie with us as God's people? We need to be in the world not of it. Sometimes it is making tough choices. Being that voice in a world that isn't listening. Be that change that God has called you to be. Love the World as Christ died. Be Holy. Stand Firm. Sometimes the right choice isn't always the popular one.

As we strive in the future .... I have many friends who will disagree with the stand I take and that is ok. I can agree to disagree with them in a loving way. From family members to old youth group members, and classmates (in Bible College) who embraced the lifestyle choice they have ... All I can do is pray. So what can I do? Just point people to Jesus and tell them about His Grace, Love, Mercy and Forgiveness. Afterall, forgiven people. forgive. Let's take a stand.

whose with me?


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