Friday, January 10, 2014

14 Things that Youth Ministry had up to 2000

Here are some items that Youth Ministry had in the 20th Century and some churches still might be doing with in the 21st Century (Though some might wonder why? they are doing some of these and why some ever went away?)

14. Flannel Boards. The ole Noah and the Ark Stick type figures on a flannel board.

13. Air bands/ Skits of the latest "Christian Song" How many times was Carman's Champion played out around camps/ Retreats. or dancing to DC' talks Jesus Freak?

12. Gross Games and icebreakers. The ole Campus Life/ Youth for Christ parachurch influence ...from "pass the toothbrush" to the chocolate pudding in a diaper ....

11. Scarey Animation characters. Davey and Goliath to Psalty to talking Veggies and Penguins.

10. Christian Accessories .... from the WWJD bracelet to jewelry to Bible covers.

9. Christian Rip-off T-shirts ... From "Jesus the Real thing" to Dew it .... to today's happy, happy, happy

8. Glorified Babysitting - youth ministry was seen through some churches not as real "ministry" but an opportunity to just "Watch" our kids and have activities just for them and the "Youth Minister" not seen as a real minister but a stepping stone until they grew up to become a Real "Minister" (Which is far from the truth)

7. Youth Ministry was seen from that of Nursery through Teens.

6. You knew how to make acronyms work. Youth Ministry was already cutting edge in Text and Twitter before it became popular. We knew things like YFC, YL, BYOB (Bring your own Bible), YS, and any other words, names for our groups to make it fit into some cool acronym. Just look at some of the names of youth groups

5. Sword Drills. You can get to any passage in less than 30 seconds.

4. Scare Tactics. Hell Houses. Left Behind movies. Any Thief in the Night ...scaring the H "e" double hockey sticks out of you ..... I remember being scared and seeing some impactful movie from or was it through a Billy Graham crusade that was in Hamilton. I believe the movie was "Caught."

3. Christian concerts. Sheila Walsh, Allies, Larry Norman, DC Talk, Audio A., Christian coffee houses. (Mustard Seed Jam House anyone?) ... all good things but have they been mere entertainment? Run their course?

2. Altar Calls. Asking kids to receive Jesus, and saying "I see that hand" Seems we're getting away from this (which is a good thing in some ways to offering an invitation, highlighting discipleship and counting the cost rather than a just ask Jesus into your heart)

1. Christian items. We've made Christianity and the word Christian go from a noun to that of an adjective. We say things are "Christian" rather than people. SAD in a lot of ways. Not that these tools are bad but we have Christian toothpaste, bandages, action figures, made Christianity into this Big industry rather than transforming the World God has called us to be.

what things would you add or take away?

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James A. said...

My Youth Group still does a lot of these things. Davey and Goliath is a good show.

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