Tuesday, September 10, 2013

An ole Rant

Heard some of this conversation about someone complaining I was letting Satan win because I wasn't doing VBS this year due to Year Round schools and here is some of my response and further ranting. Thoughts?

Just because you don't do VBS doesn't mean you make Satan win. My daughter starts school July 9th.(This was when we were in NC) Most of our Camps are in June so we support our kids to goto camp - for us to have an evening VBS just isn't beneficial or ideal to our situation. I think some people think that being at a "Church" building all the time is what God created us to be ... and it isn't ..I see families and churches get torn apart because of church programs of Sunday Am, PM, Wednesday nite and then something else ... when will we recognize that Church is about Being rather than doing? When will we recognize it isn't about coming to church but being the church?

I guess we try to compete with the world and complain about all the volleyball, softball games, and then make the parents feel guilty because their children are involved in the community trying to be salt and light but weren't at church on Wednesday nite ... I like to know where in the Bible it says though shall be at church 24/7? I'm just getting starting. Of course this makes Satan happy and lets him win because we're making the Church programs be an US versus Them rather than a community of faith.

So why is that churches complain about lacking attendance and that people are letting Satan "Win" when they don't do VBS or Wednesday nite or there are such things going on to conflict with church activities - sports etc.

Is it that we are letting Satan win - when we complain about such? Are programs important and the attendance or the Church?

I'm seeing more and more people complain - oh my youth group is suffering because little Timmy had a ball game tonite or lots of the teens don't come due to Soccer on Wednesday nites or Sundays or when have you.

Maybe it is time to look at your programs - what are their purpose? Do you have too many?

Do you make people feel guilty for not being there?

I've heard tons of complaints and youth workers making parents feel guilty because their son or daughter was in a certain sport and couldn't be at church all the time? Is the point the church building or Being the Church?


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