Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Reflections - what do differently

So I thinking about doing a post, and what I would do differently starting ministry. After doing this thing called ministry for over 18 years as an ordained minister, and then several years as a volunteer. And now into my first year here at my current ministry, here are some things I'd do differently.

1. I would definitely Pray more. Spend more time in prayer.

2. Delegate more. The better you can inspire and administer things, the better balance to your own life.

3. Have better resources. I wish someone told me these things long ago.

4. Take care of my own soul. So often I so busy trying to save the world, I forget to feed myself.

5. Take more retreats. With my family, leaders,etc.

6. Choose wisely. I think some of the ministries I went to, I didn't choose wisely or a good fit and made some mistakes along the way ... until recently.

7. Leadership is everything. Be a leader. Influence. And make sure your leaders are behind you. Having leaders and good elders is everything.

8. Make the most of every moment. This week I've had the honor of taking my kids to a former ministry's VBS and hanging out and seeing the impact the Kingdom of God is using that church.

9. Know your strengths and weaknesses. I think knowing thyself is a good thing. Personality tests, and such come in handy.

10. Loving God and loving people more. I think this essential helped me stay on focus and wish I did it more.

Any others you would add?

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