Friday, August 30, 2013

McFranchising of Ministry

Too often I see the McFranchising of Ministry. So how many do you run, how big is your church? (Almost sounds like a Jr. High locker room). What ticks me off is we compare, we go after numbers as the only indication of health and equate that mega equals better. God gives the increase. Numbers in and of themselves is not the ONLY indicator. I think a BIG injustice is done to ministry trying to be the NEXT Big thing or even to BE LIKE Rick Warren. God blesses both big and small churches. BE yourself. Be who God created you to be. Learn from others. Make disciples. Be faithful. But stay away from McFranchising and Business Incorporating your ministry. It's unhealthy, and really gets annoying after awhile. Maybe the better question is not how big is your church, but how DEEP is your church
? Any disciples?

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