Saturday, August 10, 2013

Long Movies: Few Words.

So I got thinking about movies and how to do some short reviews of short here is my own analysis of some long movies and short reviews for them:

Titanic: A boat sinks.

Return of the Dragon: Bruce Lee kicks Butt.

Lone Wolf McQuade: Chuck Norris Texas Ranger - kicks butt. (lots of language)

Kung Fu Panda: A panda who tries to do martial arts.

Lord of the Rings: Trilogy - The Ring is destroyed.

The Hobbit: A Ring is found.

Footloose: (Kevin Bacon version) A High schooler dances where dancing is banned.

The Breakfast Club: Discussion over cultural stereotypes during detention.

Back to the Future Trilogy: A time traveling car that gets Michael J. fox into trouble.

Miracle: The US Hockey team Finally win.

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