Tuesday, July 02, 2013

In Defense of the Small Church.

Recently I've heard phrases such as:

"If a church isn't growing; its dying"

"Small Churches need to die"

"Some small churches should merge"

"Why invest in a small church - its just a waste of God's money."

While there are reasons some churches are dying and small; there also is a need for small churches and big ones. To think that God only needs mega churches is illogical.
God needs the church. Whether Big or Small.

We need to quit with the whole Middle school attitude of comparison. (So how big is your church or youth group?)

With over 85% of churches in the national less than 150 - small churches make up a big part of the Kingdom.

So why small churches?

1. Family Atmosphere

2. Intimacy

3. Discipleship

4. Opportunity for service.

(Not to say there isn't in Big Churches - just small churches get the rep of not doing anything but they are)

Small churches, despite what others say, do want to grow. There are a variety of factors that hinder this ....

1. Lack of resources.

2. Location of church.

3. Stage of Church.

4. Leadership.

5. Spiritual make-up of people. (See Revelation and the 7 churches)

Do small churches make an impact?

You bet.

From sending Timothys in the ministry to supporting work abroad.(Bob Russell's home church comes to mind) I've known some small churches that have helped be "Big" churches across the seas by supporting missionaries and the growth of the church a world away. Planting seeds and God giving the increase.

Some of these "Small Churches" have supported such work as our "Bible Colleges", Camps, conventions, church planting, and fellow sister churches. (I think of CRA's Recycled Riches program)

I wish fellow ministers that are so easily to dismiss the small church -see the impact she is making. When one attacks and criticizes the small church - they are attacking and throwing mud on the Bride of Christ. One assumes since the church is small it is small for a reason and is dying. And that isn't necessarily true. Sometimes the church wants to grow but has brought in as many as some leave ... and helps plant seeds and God giving the increase.

I love the church - Big or small. I just wish others saw that the Kingdom of God is bigger than any one congregation and help each other rather than tear down each other.

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Terry Reed said...

Excellent thoughts! Too many people write off the small churches without really looking at the impact they have. The vast majority of churches are small which means unless God only works in large congregations that tons of spiritual work is being done is small churches. Thanks for a good article!
Terry Reed
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