Monday, June 03, 2013

Why I'm Going to Camp this Summer.

So I'm going to Oak Hill Christian Service Camp this summer and here are some reasons why:

I. I love Camp. Its that simple. It is a great ministry and ministry tool.

II. I love the church staff and board. They spend lots of hours and time planning and wanting to teach students about Jesus.

III. I love my kids and the other kids going too. I really do. My wife and I are sending our children to camp because we believe in it. There is nothing to it. Seeing kids being transformed for Jesus.

IV. It will be fun. Even in the dullest of days it will be fun. From mud pies to swimming to singing silly songs. Camp is fun.

V. It gives opportunity to model Jesus to others.

VI. It will be life changing for me. I think I get as much out of camp as the students. It reminds me that it isn't so much about programs as it is about relationships and being real. (See #5)

VII. There will be Food. Some of the best food I've ever had has been at camp. Nothing like food and fellowship.

How about you? Volunteering for camp this summer? Which one? Why do you go?

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