Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I'm a Big "Patrick Roy" Fan.

I admit I'm a Patrick Roy fan big that my oldest daughter if born a boy would of been named after him. (No lie - Wayne Gretzky Fess was too cunning and so we liked the name Patrick and Roy after my middle name and Grandfather hence the name though Valerie didn't know until later it was a famous player)

so Roy being named the AVS new coach is just the right thing to do. It adds to the list of great players now GMs or Coaches like the CAPS Coach - or the TB's GM Yzerman, or great coaches like Wayne ...(OK maybe the Great One had a bad time) I'm a big fan of OVIE too seeing him drafted in NC. But really one of the greatest goaltenders ever to coach ...(BTW I still have his rookie card and though I have some dislike of the HABS and AVS) Patrick Roy will bring name, fame recognization for the AVS. So congrats and kudos to the AVS. (IT could be worse at least you don't have Barry Melrose coaching ...what was TB thinking?)

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