Monday, April 08, 2013

Finally .... The Gman has come back ...

It has been a decade in the making. After ministries in NC and MD ... The Fess Family has come back to the Central Virginia area. In the Richmond area. From Canada to college to a youth ministry in Ohio, Seminary in Indiana and from 1999 - 2003 I was in Mechanicsville, VA. Now we have returned - a different ministry and role but feels alot like home. In the words of the late great Mike Yaconelli: "what a Ride!"

The last 6 mths have been challenging, humbling, forgiving, grace filled, and hopeful. We had a great church ministering to us - through Grace Community Christian in Frederick. We had sister churches praying, helping, and encouraging ... Ringgold and Church of the Greater Valley. We had my former ministries (Liberty, Corner House) and my home church ...helping in the transition - through prayer and financially. And we had God provide when times were tough through the great people at CCHMD. God has been good. Family supportive, and God in it all. The great thing is HE isn't done yet.

We had a surprise send off luncheon in Hagerstown. We had moved to Richmond just over a week ago.

The process was long and was wondering what God was doing. I had worked with an insurance place ...interviewed everywhere. God closed doors in Indiana and Michigan. It came down to three places: A Church near Elkhorn Camp in Ohio (where preacher was for over 30yrs), a possible church plant in Canada (work in Toronto then goto NB) (This was still in the talking stages) and the church in Virginia. (Where Valerie's family is near and her grandfather use to be an elder at). So God lead us here ... it has been exciting .... SAD to leave MD but a new start and new opportunities. Keep us in your prayers.

The Video is of the Rock saying Finally ...He has come back ...

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