Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Why I Raise My Children to Believe in God.

Recent Article
from a parent on why she was raising her children without God.

Her reasons: Bad role model, not logical, not fair, doesn't protect, not present, not teaching others to be good, narcistic.

Some of the points are hard to repute and I don't have to defend God - well because He is.

God isn't this thing in a box nor something to be mocked. He isn't logical as in human logic and doesn't have to make sense nor fair because we all deserve Hell but given Grace. He is present as in Immanual. He doesn't teach people to be good. Good people don't get to heaven. Those who accept His Grace do.

Why do I teach my children to believe in God?

I. Because He is.

II. Because He gave of Himself. He didn't have to.

III. Because we are part of His Story.

IV. Because of the Hope we have.

V. Because of Grace.

VI. Because I think it takes more faith to believe otherwise.

VII. Because of what He has done in my life and others.

VIII. Transformation.

IX. Because of His Love.

X. Because we are to love Him, love others.

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