Sunday, September 09, 2012

God's Unconditional Love has a condition: Jesus.

As much as I hear about God's unconditional love for me ...I have to admit it came with a price, a condition: Jesus.

God saved us by Grace, through faith (This not of ourselves, nor by works that anyone should boast)

We repent, confess Him as Lord,

In Baptism .... (The death, burial, resurrection of Christ)

Unto Good works. (Faith without works is dead as James tells us)

God loves the whole world that He gave us Jesus. If God's love had been totally unconditional there would be no need for atonement, nor Jesus but there had to be. Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness ....

So often we compartmentalize God: His love here, His salvation there; His wrath and judgment elsewhere ...But to us that are indivine - the Divine cannot be compartmentalized. Maybe that is why there is some reverence, mystery, unseen essentials to God. We, as God's people, need to strive for the holiness of Him.

Who is with me?

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