Thursday, September 13, 2012

Books I've recently Finished Reading ..

I finished reading E3 on recommend of a church leader. Personally I didn't like the book. It had some redeemable qualities on eldership but I prefer "They smell like Sheep" or Biblical Eldership than this one. Though a good resource to have in one's library.

Raising your kids is one was right where I was.I was glad I read this. in a nutshell it is a book about being there, being a leader, role model, and just spending time with your children and your spouse. Priorities, memories, and just being Jesus to your children. A good resource for any parent.

this last book was a good reminder that boundaries, accountability and that any church leader can fall to scandal ...... and there is forgiveness and redemption. I never forget what one leader who fell due to an extra-marital affair said to me: "You can have all the accountability in the world, and yet lie ...know your weaknesses and run away." I know I can be an idiot in any area and am thankful for grace, forgiveness, and that I try to remain pure due to whom I might hurt ...ultimately God and my family. ...Scripture reminds us of the desires of the flesh and how we are to be of the Spirit ...

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