Wednesday, August 08, 2012

We don't do "Missions"

People ask how do you do missions?

What are you doing in your missions program?

What "Missions" do you support?

Fact is and it might be semantics but there is no where in the Bible where we are told to "Do missions" We are to be the mission ...We are to be Jesus' hands and feet. We are to love one another, love God and make disciples .... some might say well that is doing missions. Fact is that is being a Christian and disciple and follower of Christ is about. Going into all the world, starting with judea, samaria, and the out most parts of the world. Taking the Good News of Jesus with you. So instead of being caught up in a program ... how about we just be the mission instead of saying we're going to "do missions"

Here are some examples from our own congregation of people not coming up with a program and to do, but also be the missions.

1. Our clothes closet - Free clothes to those in need. Several of our ladies coordinate this effort.

2. Our food pantry. We work and help those needing food.

3. Our children's programs - we're having several step up to fill that need.

4. Our Boy Scout pack and troop. People involved and leading.

5. Back to School supplies for those in need. Several ladies had this idea and now are rolling with it.

6. Our camp. Being involved and serving.

7. As a result of several short term missions trips, one of our leaders has a passion for what he is calling the Family Flock - helping those in need in a foreign country.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg of people not wanting to follow a program but wanting to be, to fulfill the commands of Jesus because they love Him.

So what are you being to others? Are you just sitting there saying "Oh, our church does missions" but you're not really involved? How about Be the Bride of Christ .... point people to Jesus. are you with me?

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