Monday, August 06, 2012

Building Below the Waterline - A Review.

This is from one reviewer

"I am a big fan of Gordon MacDonald. This book is one of his best.

The primary intended audience for this book is young pastors. If you know one, buy this book for them. They will be eternally grateful. It contains great wisdom and discernment from a successful, seasoned, 60+ year old pastor."

In the early pages of the book, Gordon recalls the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge, which took 13 yrs to complete. The public had thought that nothing was being done for the first 3yrs because some of the patient, daring work was in process: building the bridge's foundation hundreds of feet beneath the water's surface.

The same can be said about a Christian leader and the foundation of which we base it upon. Gordon gives us some hard lessons on what makes strong Christian leaders. A must for any leader to have in their library.

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